WWE: A Week in Quick Review

Hi readers, regular and chance! Again, i’ve been so busy that i’ve felt regular posts are low on my priorities, but I thought I could at least talk about some very important things from WWE this week at least.

Sheamus’s treatment on RAW has been universally panned amongst rumours that WWE ‘higher-up’ Kevin Dunn is cold to Sheamus’s push possibly because The Celtic Warrior’s meteoric rise led to some egoism on Dubliner’s part. Watching it, it was clear that Sheamus wasn’t made to look particularly strong, but it’s also important to remember that Evan Bourne (who will probably be receiving a push of his own) only managed to beat Sheamus so easily following a devastating Pedigree through a table. If he was getting totally buried, that wouldn’t be the case. Hopefully, Sheamus will have more interactions with HHH in the coming weeks. All i’m saying is that, though I don’t like to see anyone booked so seemingly weakly, it seems like it’s merely a way to keep Sheamus’s feet on the ground, and it could still yet be made to make sense.

Two of the most important segments from RAW were from people not even at the arena, and both were slightly hurt by that. Shawn Michaels hyped the HHH-Undertaker match very nicely, but I think we could have done without it personally, or maybe have waited a couple of weeks and had him do it in person. I doubt HBK will feature in this match, despite the rumours. It’s being billed as the final two of a forgone era facing each other, and in that promo, HBK seemed an interested spectator rather than a participant. As for the Rock, his promo was obviously, again, awesome, but it seemed slightly less ‘electrifying’ than his first and possibly Cena’s response, simply because he wasn’t in the arena. I understand they’re keeping him away to keep his appearances special-seeming, but when they cut to an arena, it makes me think, ‘why not just have him there?’ The connection to the fans was interrupted. Saying that, it was still explosive, and sincerely passionate. The first time we see Rock and Cena eye to eye will be timeless. Already, it’s as simple as that.

Also in this equation is the Miz. Wrestlemania is being dominated by Rock-Cena, as it should be, but it’s also giving Miz an amazing rub. He’s really feeding off the feud fantastically, and making himself a top talent. In many ways, he managed to dominate RAW, dominated as it was by blockbuster names like HHH, HBK, The Rock, Cena and Undertaker. His beat-down of Daniel Bryan was fantastic (and hopefully something that is built on for Bryan’s sake) and his behaviour during Cena’s cage match with Alex Riley was fantastic and very unique to his character, tweeting messages and pictures from the match. After Cena’s predictable win, Miz again inserted himself, opportunistically and suddenly hitting a Skull-Crushing Finalé on Cena as soon as his feet hit the ground. Just excellent!

For a while i’ve thought about posting about who I think should win NXT, and you’re just going to have to take my word for it when I say that i’ve thought for quite some time that  Johnny Curtis was the best candidate from the season. I don’t think he’ll has it as easy as previous candidates like Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan and Alex Riley; it’s Wrestlemania season, and he’ll struggle to make an impact, but his upcoming tag title shot should bring him some attention. I see him with a future though. Time will tell, but he’s solid in the ring, has a good, sincere, backstory, can talk fine and has a great look. The makings of a strong babyface. No doubt Bateman will get a call-up, and quite possibly Brodus Clay, and maybe even Byron Saxton. But, Curtis was the right winner and I wish him well. They mentioned that season 5 would be unlike anything we’ve seen so far on NXT, which is very intriguing to me. Knowing that people like Richie Steamboat, Brett DiBiase, Wes Brisco, Seth Rollins (aka Tyler Black), Xavier Woods (aka Consequences Creed) and Hunico (aka Incognito) are all in FCW and therefore eligible, there is some mouth-watering talent that could be showcased on the new series! It’s obviously going to be changed somehow, and either they’ll make it goofier (which makes no sense to me) or they’ll make it more serious, more like seasons 1 and 2, which has produced so much great talent for the roster.

As for Smackdown, I liked seeing Drew McIntyre keep up his main-event momentum. I think he’s doing a great job, and seen as they’ll be keeping Edge and Del Rio apart in terms of matches, i’d like to see him get a lot more high-end TV time and either a good feud or a spot in MITB where he’d surely be one of the favourites.

There was an encouraging backstage segment in which Corre talked to Kane. I’m referring to their reference to the events of Bragging Rights where members of Corre who were then in Nexus helped Kane defeat The Undertaker, seemingly with some kind of higher plan at mind. The suggestion was that their help of Kane would continue tonight in his match against The Big Show. The way this played out in the match, however, was confusing. Kane took up their offer of help, hitting Big Show with a chair, but during the ensuing beat-down, Justin Gabriel was pushed in to Kane and received a sick chair shot of his own. This seemed like it could possibly be the start of a face-turn for Kane, but then again he had just hit Big Show too, and the announcers sold his psyche as torn. This seems like it could possibly be a bit of a waste of the Nexus ‘higher plan’ story, but i’m not ready to denounce it yet. Wrestling, as i’ve said before, is highly efficient, and if the storyline is as simple as it seems, there would be no need to refer to that storyline. It wasn’t important for anything that happened. So i’m hoping that Corre’s feud with Big Show and now possibly Kane (great for both giants) may shed more light on the ‘higher plan’ story and fit in with Corre’s ‘revolution’ story.

Undertaker issued his response to HHH’s promo on RAW in what was one of his best promos I can remember. There’s not much more to say about it than he seemed at ease and built the match very well. It was weird to hear him actually come to ring to Johnny Cash’s ‘Aint No Grave’ song. I liked it in the vignettes, but I don’t think it works as an entrance. They’re really selling this ‘Last Outlaw’ gimmick, so much so that it is practically a new gimmick. I like it as a gimmick, but it certainly something of a surprise. One last thing, unless Kane is turning face, I would like to see ‘Taker have some interaction with Kane. The guy buried him alive for God’s sake!

Finally, the main segment, the contract segment was good, and built for ‘Mania very well. It seems that Del Rio will be perpetually focusing on Edge’s arm from now on, making it a central story of their match, which seems good to me. The real good thing to see was Christian appearing again. Apparently he makes his return proper next week. I can’t see, how, even if WWE wanted to avoid it, they can possibly avoid some sort of Edge and Christian dream reunion, which is hugely exciting for any fan over the age of, say, 15. So here’s a quick storyline suggestion. Christian is Edge’s back-up right up until Wrestlemania where he screws Edge out of the title. Christian would follow this with the common schtik of ‘you stole my thunder etc, but with the genuine rich history between the two, leading the other dream scenario of an Edge vs Christian feud. Another way of doing it is having Christian win MITB and after Edge retains, cashing it in on his former partner, causing the same antagonism – the only problem being that the push Del Rio is on, I can’t see WWE wanting him to lose. It’s all up in the air though folks! So far, Wrestlemania season has been ace!


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