TNA Should Have Fired Jeff Hardy On the Spot

It’s difficult to know where to start about last night’s debacle. It was obscene in so many ways it is legitimately shocking.

I think i’ll start by just going through it chronologically. Jeff Hardy’s music hits, and it must have taken him about a minute to appear. That, in itself, can happen, but right from that first appearance, he was messing up. Stumbling to the ring, fondling his t-shirt, he began acting like a face, gesturing to the crowd and high-fiving and the like. Then, seeming to barely know where he was, he stumbles up the stairs and in to the ring. Then, after Sting has come to the ring and the introductions have been made, Hardy spends another, very frustrating minute, messing about with his shirt as if he’ll throw it to them, until he just drops it. At least that was a heel-like thing to do.

Then to the match. I’m not sure exactly what happened. A lot of people seem to think Bischoff coming out to make it No-DQ was to allow the 90 second match we saw; but to me, that doesn’t make sense seen as there was no no -DQ style stuff there at all. Also, Jeff’s attempts to kick ofut of the pin makes me think that he obviously had no idea the match was going to be that short and so wasn’t told,¬† and, to me, it doesn’t make sense not to tell him what will happen. My feeling is Bischoff came out to make it no-DQ so the match could be more accommodating to Hardy’s condition, but Sting was having none of it after a while, and so just shoot-pinned him legitimately to get it finished ASAP.

I doubt we’ll know for sure exactly what happened, but what is clear is that the whole thing was a massive embarrassment to TNA. If there was concern for Hardy, he shouldn’t have been sent out, simple as that. They should have got anyone else to take on Sting for at least a decent if basic match. Sending Hardy out was dangerous and shameful. The real shame is obviously on Hardy’s part. He obviously cares nothing about TNA or Sting to show up at a PPV in that condition. He’s an embarrassment, and doesn’t deserve anything from the fans or the company at this point.

What is even worse is that, from what I hear, the rest of the card was decent enough, with AJ Styles vs Matt Hardy being a good match. What a world we live in where Matt is the Hardy being favourably compared! Jeff Hardy and TNA management ruined all of that effort in 90 seconds.

If TNA have any respect for their reputation and their talent, they would fire Hardy. They don’t need him, certainly not while he’s behaving this way. To keep him employed is enabling the problems he clearly has and is a spit in the face to the rest of the lockerroom, especially those who would love Hardy’s position in the company. So far, Hardy has just been ‘sent home’ from TV: a good step, but not enough. If TNA want to be taken at all seriously, he needs to be gone immediately and sent to get help.


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