Thank You Edge!

This is just a quick and respectful post regarding Edge’s retirement.

When they teased it on RAW, I was convinced it was an angle, a metaphor – after all, they’d booked him to defend the World Title in a Ladder Match at Extreme Rules! But as time went on during his speech, I started to think that he couldn’t be saying all this stuff only for it to be a swerve. That would have just been unpopular, and it started dawning on me, as we had no Del Rio run-in, for example, that it was legit. His speech was clearly from the heart, and his passion and emotion spoke volumes about what makes this industry so great, and what made him so great.

I’m not going to sycophantically claim that Edge was my favourite superstar, but he was, without a shadow of a doubt, a great superstar, who was at the top of his industry for nearly a decade. Indeed, he became one of the most decorated superstars ever – winning more championships combined, I believe, than anyone else.

He was a part of what I truly believe to be one of the greatest tag teams of all time in Edge & Christian, and treated us to a great spread of division defining matches, along with the Dudleys and Hardys, notably the Triangle ladder match at WrestleMania 2000, TLC I at Summerslam, and TLC II at WrestleMania X7. Those matches can be measured alongside HBK vs Razor Ramon as defining the ladder match. Summerslam 2000 was, in fact, the first PPV I bought a video of, and is still one of my very favourites, and that TLC match, in many ways, set me on my way to my love of wrestling that I still have eleven years later. It exemplified the performance, the sacrifice, and the art of wrestling like only the best wrestling matches can. That is the power of a great wrestler.

Since then, he’s gone on to be one of the most controversial, charismatic, and consistently captivating superstars in the world, having memorable rivalries with Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, and John Cena, among others.

We all new his career was on borrowed time, but I think I speak for most when I say we thought he had a year or two left in him, and it’s such a shame that his career has been cut short prematurely. The sheer extent of his injuries just go to show everything he gave to us, and I can only hope we gave him back all the respect and love that he deserves. I think he felt that last night.

It seems obvious that his long-time friend, Christian will take the World Heavyweight Championship crown at Extreme Rules, and predictable as it is, it’s what we all want to see. It is a fitting tribute to Edge’s career that his closest friend can take on the torch, and it is certainly no less than Christian deserves.


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