Why I Donated to #10forRAINN

OK guys, so this isn’t strictly wrestling-related, but it does involve one of my genuine heroes, and yours too, Mick Foley.

This month (April) saw Foley launch a campaign called #10forRAINN, RAINN being a group devoted to educating the public about sexual violence and doing their best to help prevention and support for victims in various different forms. I can sit here and tell you how reprehensible sexual violence obviously is, but the depth and variety of cruelty that can be termed sexual violence is much more difficult to explain and digest, so for more information I suggest going to their website http://www.rainn.org/

Often, the transient nature of a tweet can make a sincere statement or request seem forgettable or less important, and I must admit, that may have been my experience as I only really took notice of Mick’s tweets about #10forRAINN when he tweeted his disappointment at the initial response of his fans to his campaign. Now I don’t know Mick Foley, but growing up, no public figure has struck me as so warm and so sincere as The Hardcore Legend, and seeing that this campaign meant a lot to him, I took the time to go to the RAINN website and check out exactly what the charity did and what #10forRAINN is. That done, the gravity of the cause (something I think most of us already know but are given chance to ignore) was obvious to me, and I thought there was no good reason why I shouldn’t donate $10 (however much that is in pounds!) to the campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t donate simply because Mick Foley asked me to; that would be fickle, and would only be of minimal help to the charity as I wouldn’t have learned anything, but Mick Foley’s passion and sincerity was enough to direct me to the cause so I could learn about it and, as I say, donate. Mick deserves all the praise in the world for what he has done with the #10forRAINN campaign, giving up time, energy, and a big chunk of his own money to the cause.It is completely in character for this man, who is truly a gem of a human being.

Now I don’t imagine for one second that someone who reads this blog will be unaware of Mick Foley, but just in case you haven’t heard of his #10forRAINN project, I would urge you to go here http://www.rainn.org/mickfoley to check out the charity and, if you can, donate. The #10forRAINN campaign only has a few days left, and is well on its way to reaching the $100, 000 mark, but even if you see this after that campaign has finished, I wouldn’t not donate simply because it’s not Mick’s specific campaign you would be helping. Don’t forget, this is also an opportunity to show RAINN and the world how kind and generous pro-wrestling fans can be. We get a bad rap a lot of the time, so this is a great way to show people who criticise pro-wrestling and its fan-base that their conceptions are wrong!

To those of you that took the time to read all of this, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Why I Donated to #10forRAINN

  1. HI.
    i donated to the #10forRAINN project.It’s a great project and something that everyone should get involved with.
    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • Wow, i’m genuinely touched I even DID bring it to anyone’s attention! Good on you for donating, Chris. As you say, it is a great project, and has a great supporter (Mick Foley, not me!)

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