Over the Limit Preview and Predictions, 2011

Over the Limit, 2011, The Key Arena, Seattle, WA

I think for many people, Over the Limit is probably the least anticipated PPV of the year – it certainly is for me. Nonetheless, any given PPV is an exciting event as you know, as a viewer, that some of the biggest angles and the best matches will take place at PPV. This PPV is no different, and the card is actually pretty stacked with almost every match offering something whether it be mouth-watering match-ups or the promise of some interesting storyline progressions. Again, like Extreme Rules, the build has only really been pursued belatedly, but Extreme Rules nonetheless turned out to be a good PPV, so that isn’t necessarily a death sentence.

Match 1) WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Big Show & Kane (c) vs CM Punk & Mason Ryan (Nexus)
For the last few weeks, Big Show and Kane have been essentially handy props for the storylines surrounding both the Corre and Nexus, and indeed, the two storylines have paralleled each other quite closely. It does seem after last week’s RAW that Punk and Nexus are getting something of a renewed push, but while Punk and Ryan would make nice tag champs, I think Punk may be re-emerging in the main event picture sooner rather than later. If the Corre and Nexus storylines are to continue to parallel, Mason Ryan could be about to split from Nexus after a difficult relationship with the group. For this reason, and because I can see Kane and Big Show being built as strong champions, I see the awkward Nexus partnership stalling. There may of course be some Nexus-Corre cooperation that could affect this, but the interference of someone like Ezekiel Jackson could counterbalance that anyway.

Winners: Big Show & Kane

Match 2) Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth
This is quite a difficult match to predict. For different reasons, I can see Truth going over, and I can see Mysterio going over. The first thought that comes to mind is that Truth is going through something of a pet project push, and so him losing in his first subsequent PPV match seems unlikely. On the other hand, however, Truth’s new heel persona has been largely based on his frustration at being robbed of opportunities and victories, and so perhaps that will be the case again. Whatever happens, this is a big match for Truth – perhaps the most important of his career. If he puts on a good match, he could be elevated up to main event status; if not, he could fall back down the card. These two are both quick, if getting on in years, and I think their similar work-rate could make for nice chemistry in this match. My prediction on this, as I say, is almost a coil flip, but I think the more surprising or intriguing result would be for Mysterio to win, either clean to frustrate Truth even more, or by DQ, following a savage attack from Truth who gets frustrated after Mysterio kicks out of his Cool Shot.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Match 3) Intercontinental Championship Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs Ezekiel Jackson
The obvious instinct going in to this match is that Big Zeke is going in to this match with huge momentum after leaving the Corre, cutting a strong face promo and beating his former team-mates on Smackdown. Giving Zeke the title at this point, unless there is some sort of wildcard element to the booking, seems like a bad decision to me. Barrett hasn’t been champion for that long, and hasn’t had many defences. I think what would be better would be to amp up the face chase, and have Barrett go over with help from the Corre (therefore legitimising a further future title shot for Zeke).

Winner: Wade Barrett

Match 4) Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero
The idea behind this programme is one that i’ve liked, with Chavo claiming ownership of Mexican heritage wrestling and also for Cara’s success. I’m so pleased Chavo’s gotten himself on a PPV because he’s been underutilised for such a long time. Apparently the house show matches between these two have been awesome, and I would expect nothing less tonight. As the story goes, there is a shared heritage between the two, so their styles fuse nicely. As for the result, I think if Cara was to vanquish Chavo now, Chavo would have no recourse to continue the programme, and so I think, eventhough it will mean handing Sin Cara his first loss, Chavo will go over here, though by unscrupulous tactics.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Match 5) World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) vs Christian
This is arguably the most emotionally engaging match of the night. The way Christian dropped the title three weeks ago, after only holding it for 5 days, and his legitimate and kayfabe back-story has meant that the fans are behind his cause more than ever. Meanwhile, Orton himself is a highly honourable babyface who commands a lot of respect. Indeed, this feud has become one around mutual-respect and the battle to rove you are the better man.Its been a while since WWE have tried one of these storylines and the cast is picked perfectly. On top of that, both guys are highly experienced and talented, and have already had a superb world title match. This will be given some good time, and could be a classic. I notice that Cody Rhodes isn’t on the card, and given his meteoric profile, I would be surprised not to see him at all. Now this could come with a short paper bag promo, or it could come here. Given that Legacy brethren Rhodes and DiBiase have been reunited, they might have some business to take care of with Orton. I believe that Christian wont win back the title just yet though. I think he’s to be tested emotionally and physically still more as a top talent before he regains his title. Three title changes in a month would be a little OTT, even if it would be understandable, and so I think Orton will retain on this occasion, even if he has to fend off his former mentees.

Winner: Randy Orton

Match 6) Divas Championship Match: Brie Bella (c) vs Kelly Kelly
This match is the hardest to predict because doing so means predicting the effect Kharma will have on the match. Obviously Kharma is enjoying toying with Kelly, but could part of that involve destroying anyone taking on Kelly so she can have her toy to herself? Unlike the last match, this wont be a classic by any stretch, but the Bellas are underrated as wrestlers, so there might be some nice spots in the match. I also think it’ll be given more time than usual divas matches – an effect Kharma already seems to have had on the division. This could go either way, but I think i’m going to plump for Kharma helping Kelly to lose – not necessarily by attacking her, but by scaring/distracting her enough to cost her the match before ‘playing’ with her more psychologically. This may also lead to more of a ‘feud’ as Kelly will have a legitimate gripe at being cost the Divas title.

Winner: Brie Bella

Match 7) ‘Kiss My Foot’ Match: Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Michael Cole
I think, despite Cole entertaining run as a heel, most people feel this feud should have ended at WrestleMania, and certainly at Extreme Rules, but it is clear that it will definately end tonight. The stipulation is that if Cole wins, he goes in to the Hall of Fame, and there is no way WWE will mess with that institution. Added to that, Jack Swagger has now abandoned Cole’s cause. Now there is no way that any sort of wrestling match will take place – they learned their lesson at WrestleMania. Cole might get some flukey early shots in, but this will be a quick blood-letting as Cole is fed to the hall of famer and forced to kiss The King’s foot.

Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Match 8) WWE Championship ‘I Quit’ Match: John Cena (c) vs The Miz
I love an I Quit match. Not only can they get absolutely brutal, but they can be some of the most innovative matches going. As Miz said on RAW, there are a million ways to win, and the best victories come when it isn’t physicality that makes someone quit, but emotional or psychological coercion. Miz is one of the most wily, uncaring characters in the WWE, and I expect some ingenuity from him. The question is, how could he ever get John Cena to quit? My initial reaction to this booking was that it was perhaps a little misguided because it is too predictable given how Cena famously never quits. It does make me think that everything is so much in Miz’s favour that there could be a swerve victory for The Miz, making Cena quit and regaining the title so quickly and so making him seem like even bigger a deal. I do feel, however, that Miz is already at that level and doesn’t need that rub, even of it would be great for him. Cena will keep his title and his dream WrestleMania main event alive for now, and Miz will move on to something else going forward, hopefully giving a run to an up-and-comer himself, Evan Bourne perhaps, or a face-turned Drew McIntyre.

Winner: John Cena

This, I suppose like any other PPV, has the potential to be fantastic. If the right matches are given good time and there are some shocking or meaningful angles, the matches and storylines. The success of the PPV depends on Truth being successul on this stage, Sin Cara making an impact, the Kharma story being progressed in a fresh way that will help the divas division, and if the I Quit match delivers a match with good storytelling. If it does, as I say, it could be fantastic.


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