A Couple of Thoughts, Previews and a Promise

The last week or two has been chaos for me, and so i’ve had to take a little hiatus from writing. I considered writing a post about Smackdown, but i’m exhausted from traveling.

I can, however, promise to be back on my game for this week’s RAW and onwards. I WILL live-tweet RAW, and write a review etc, and continue on in that vein. That said, to whet your whistle, here’s some thoughts on Smackdown and a preview of tomorrow’s RAW.

Christian confirmed his heel-turn with his promo to start out the show. I liked it, but it didn’t seem to really have the full desired effect on the audience for the most part – there was booing, but it wasn’t huge heat. This built, perhaps with the help of the Cole serving as an intermediary between Christian and the audience. Ultimately, I think Christian will get over as a heel, but given his recent popularity, it will have to build gradually. Lets just hope WWE give him the time. The way in which he left the arena before again blindsiding Orton was some nice and classic heel work. I just wish after taking the belt backstage last week, he had kept possession of it, claiming it was rightfully his.

An interesting tid-bit regarding Teddy Long came when he seemed to be gambling while backstage. I wonder if it’s the seeds of a storyline?

Nice to see the Uso get some TV time and look good. As for the Corre, it seems over in its current form. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, to see Barrett with more associates going forward. If not, his dropping the IC title is all but confirmed.

As for RAW, I don’t like the idea of the 3-hour All Star episode. I just think 3 hour episodes should be saved for genuinely memorable or special occasions, and this doesn’t seem to be one. In fact, it seems to be a very unclear idea about featuring both brands, something I don’t like because I think they should be separate, especially so soon after the draft.

I’d like to see Booker T continue a feud with Jack Swagger. I think it’s a good idea for Swagger and could be justified by Booker being there for the All Stars episode.

I want to see CM Punk move on from Rey Mysterio, perhaps to Evan Bourne? and I want to see Del Rio more prominent than he has been. He could have a good, emotional feud with Big Show after the accident, but more has to be made of it. I will also be disappointed if I don’t see Drew McIntyre in some form. If he’d have stayed in Smackdown, he could have been a top heel, so it would be a real shame for him to go nowhere on RAW.

RAW this week is in Long Island, so i’d be surprised if we didn’t see Zack Ryder on RAW in some way. He lost to Kofi Kingston last week, but at least that associates him with the US champ. I would love to see Ryder gain a title shot for Capitol Punishment in some way.

I want to see R-Truth staying the same as he has been of late basically. He has built for a pretty decent Capitol Punishment main event and has been one of the more unique elements of the company recently. The same basically goes for Miz and Riley.


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