Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars

I’ve tweeted (@RTVWOW) about Superstars several times in the last few weeks, but seen as I have just over 30 followers (which i’m very thankful for!) in comparison to my up to 200 readers daily here, I thought i’d spread the word a bit more here.

For ages, I didn’t watch Superstars (there really is a lot of wrestling TV on!), but I watched it a couple of months ago and now I watch it every week.

Superstars offers little in terms of storylines. There are some subtle, slowly developing stories between the superstars, but this show works best as a sounding board for new gimmick tweaks or even just a great opportunity for lower-middle card superstars to hone their characters and mic skills.

I always find that Superstars is a haven for good divas matches which get the attention they deserve, but not only that but consistantly high quality matches – helped by the fact that the matches themselves are the main focus point of the show (rather than glitzy sports-entertainment).

The stand-outs recently have been Trent Barreta and Tyson Kidd. Usually, these guys struggle to get on the main brands, but on Superstars, they have been tearing it up in the ring over a long series of 4/5 star matches. Barreta has always stood out to me because of what he’s willing to put his body through, on Superstars, to get noticed. I’ve seen him doing crazy spots, including a plancha in what would be considered unimportant matches. This reached a zenith this week in a spot i’ve never seen before. It was Barreta & The Usos against Kidd, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater. Towards the end of the match, Barreta caught Kidd on the top rope from the apron, climbed up with him, and did a spot that i’ve never seen before; he superplexed him to the OUTSIDE of the ring, on to the other waiting four superstars – an amazing move which ultimately led to win for the faces.

My point, basically, is that Superstars is the showcase of divas and hopefully future stars, wrestling their asses off to get noticed, and they often produce top action. It really is a shame that it gets little attention and viewing figures. It almost seems like a waste of talent.

So watch it, yeah.


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