More Thoughts On Money in the Bank, 2011

Well I simply can’t contain myself. There are so many theories/ideas swirling it’s set fans in to such a fever – like if you still got excited for Christmas as an adult.

I had an idea earlier today which i’ll share: Daniel Bryan wins the Smackdown MITB match. Later, Cena, in desperation, pins Punk by holding his tights or something similar. Cena’s music hits and we all feel a little disappointed, but then Bryan’s music hits; he races down to the ring and hits Cena in the head repeating his line from the Nexus: “You are not better than me” (especially when it fits so well with Punk’s opening gambit when he shot). Punk is up now and he is standing in a corner, the referee in the other; it looks like Bryan will hand the case to the ref and cash in, but instead, he hands it to Punk, who cashes in, hits the GTS and wins the title. Get Colt in the ring for the final shots and the start of the #SummerofPunk

Seth Mates @sethmates has also suggested lots of great booking, like this somewhat improbably but astonishing suggestion: 1. Wrestler X (doesnt matter who) wins MITB match to open show. Backstage segment after, we find out Punk has bought briefcase from him. 2. Punk interview. Says it’s just insurance to make sure he doesn’t get screwed over. If he doesn’t use it tonight, he’ll give it back. 3. Main event. Punk pins Cena clean. Gets on mic. 4. Says he’s man of his word and WILL use briefcase tonight. Calls out Orton for title match right here and now. 5. Cut to backstage, where (inesert anyone here) has beaten crap out of Orton. Then brings him to ring and dumps him in with Punk. 6. Punk pins Orton and just beat both of WWE’s shining stars in 10 minutes to win both titles.

The only things I think need to happen/not happen is Rock shouldn’t be there – it isn’t about him. While I love the idea of turning Cena heel, it shouldn’t happen (at least not fully) tonight. Again, it’s not about him. Cena can’t just win clean in the usual fashion – it would just be too underwhelming, and anyone watching WWE for the first time, or otherwise, will be put off straight away. Punk doesn’t have to win, but if he doesn’t, there needs to be something to it.

I’ll be tweeting about tonight right up until the end of the PPV, so follow me @RTVWOW


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