A Month Off for RTV …

After I posted my latest ‘Smack of the Week’ I noted on twitter (@RTVWOW) that it would be my final post for, roughly, a month.

The reason for this – to keep it simple – is that i’m moving down to London for a month to teach at a boarding school, and I don’t think i’ll have good enough internet time to post regularly. Hell, I aint even sure i’ll be able to watch wrestling during that time! That’s right, during the hottest angle of the year, and of the century to date, I may not be able to watch wrestling.

Hopefully it wont come to that, but I certainly can’t promise to post while i’m away. I should be able to tweet (though not as regularly), and if something big happens, i’ll try to write something. Also, I would be remiss to not preview and predict Summerslam.

I will RETURN at some point in September – at the latest, to predict Night of Champions, so look out for that.

In the mean time, I really hope you’ll all keep the faith and come back to me when I return, reading and commenting more than ever! Keep following me on twitter because though I wont be able to live-tweet events, i’ll still be able to post status updates and the occasional reaction to what happens in the World of Wrestling.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy everything in the World of Wrestling! I’ll be back soon!


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