Some Thoughts On the WWE Releases/Resignation

Some really brief thoughts …

The wrestler i’ll miss most is Gail Kim. She is undisputedly one of the best female wrestlers alive, and really should have been given more opportunities with the title and storylines. I don’t understand why WWE brought her back if they had no plans to utilise her. I hope she gets to move on to somewhere where she gets time to wrestle, and is happy doing so.

The biggest shocks for me were Melina and Vladimir Kozlov. I understand completely Melina’s reputation, and how she is known (or in the fans’ case, believed) to have a bad, egotistical attitude, but she is a great female worker, a veteran even, and not to mention, well, sexy too! I would have thought that if her attitude bothered WWE, she wouldn’t have made it at all far in WWE at all. Kozlov didn’t deserve to get fired. After his short run at the top, challenging for the WWE title, he fell in to obscurity; but not many other ‘monsters’ would have made a success out of themselves after falling from the big time. Koz succeeded and has become very popular as, I suppose, a comedy wrestler with Santino, and he deserved kudos for that, because that tag team (who managed to become champions) could easily have flopped if it wasn’t for two talented performers.

I understand that, in Masters’ case, he was ‘just another guy’ and not going anywhere, but he was a solid worker who could make others look good and was maybe worthy of some title shots. This is coming from someone who once had absolutely no time for ‘The Masterpiece’ (I still think the Masterlock is one of the worst submissions ever!). Don’t get me wrong, I can live without seeing Masters on TV every week, but I just think he had more to offer in the right circumstances; maybe in a tag team.

DH Smith was one I think we all thought inevitable, and while he certainly has the skills, and the legacy, he wasn’t going to make it. He couldn’t talk – it really is as simple as that. He was never going to get over and that’s why I don’t mind this, especially given that he seemingly has designs on an MMA career. All power to him.

It is rumoured that there may be more cuts to come, but we’ll see about that. If it does happen, i’ll give you some thoughts. This doesn’t change the fact that I am still, officially, on hiatus though. I’ll provide some Summerslam predictions in some form, but other than that, just keep the faith. I will be back at the end of the month!


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