RAW Re-Booked: How RTV Would Book the 10/10/2011 RAW

I tweeted earlier (@RTVWOW) about how RAW left me feeling flat. The end of last week’s RAW was fantastic, and had to be built on, but it barely was, if at all, and by the end of the show we had hot-shotted storylines and were left without much of interest and a pretty uninspiring Vengeance PPV card. However, while i’m not too interested in fantasy booking, especially given that this is meant as a critical blog, i’m not interested in writing about how a show was ‘ok’ at points and disappointing at others. So instead, I’m going to write what I would liked to have seen. The basic establishing premise I am going to have to attribute to the #FormerlyCreative Seth Mates. In one of his regular post-RAW rants, Mates suggested that the ‘solidarity rally’ (which was ridiculously not shown on camera) should not only have been shown, but should have been a counter-point to the in-arena action, even with its own ring. I thought this was a fantastic idea and something similar to what I was imagining before the show.

So, I would have started the show with the same shots of the empty arena leading to Triple H emerging from his dressing room. At that point, however, I would have cut to the rally outside, maybe with one of the leaders (Del Rio and/or Christian) making some sort of speech, with some of the camera people who walked out filming them, and with them announcing that they will film their matches and they’ll ‘find some way’ (referencing the mysterious backstage power) of getting the footage online (on WWE.COM?). I would then continue with the HHH/Sheamus/Cena/Punk segment almost exactly as it aired, but perhaps addingthe other abstainers (Orton, Kelly Kelly, Eve) to the party, and have a full and long match between Sheamus and Cena, ending in a clean finish. In the wake of this display of fine sportsmanship and competition, as well of WWE working without the protesters, some of the babyface wrestlers (Bryan, AirBoom, J.R.) seen earlier at the rally, enter the arena and tell HHH that they’ve reconsidered their position, and want to come back to work for him. They are welcomed, and then HHH states that while wrestlers are coming back, he wants his champions back, and if they don’t come back, they are stripped of their titles. This brings Rhodes, Phoenix (and Natalya), Henry, and Del Rio back.

The extra talent allows for more matches to take place going forward while the action cuts back and forth between the arena and the rally, with several different superstars from across the card (McIntyre, Hawkins, Ziggler) shooting and giving their take on the situation while saying how they’re giving themselves a voice, finally, and are taking the initiative with their careers while having great matches and showing that the way people like HHH burying them is stupid etc etc.

Make the 1st main event Mark Henry vs someone like Daniel Bryan, showing how the walkout is giving opportunity to people who might not get it consistently, if at all. Not only that, but have Bryan look good against him. Of course Henry would have to win, but make it another longish match and make it memorable. Again, have this coerce a few more babyfaces (Ryder, Sin Cara, DiBiase) return from the outside. It also allows for a face turn if desired (McIntyre?)

Going forward, the back and forth continues, with the protesters getting even more galvanized by their smaller, but closer-knit numbers. The main event is still Punk-Del Rio, but again, have it be a good, long match. It is important that all the matches up until now have clean finishes, to show the ‘spirit’ of competition alive in the WWE, but this match should be interrupted by Miz and R-Truth, who again, start a beat-down. This draws out all of the locker-room who have returned to RAW to try and fight off the interlopers. As this happens, Del Rio and Rhodes rush out to the rally and tell them to storm the arena to help Miz and Truth, which they do, leading to a big stand-off. Again, this is another opportunity for some cool face/heel turns (thinking specifically of Morrison, who needs some sort of shot in the arm). They brawl for some time, but not with any particular side gaining favour (instead of the usual story of it being whittled down to the main eventers). HHH comes out to try and throw out Miz and Truth again, but at that point, Johnny Ace appears and tells HHH that though the board have confidence in him, they are troubled by all the recent turmoil in WWE, and so have decided to give him more power. In the past, he has had no match-making powers, but now he has, and also, as EVP of Talent Relations, his decisions can’t be reversed by HHH, and with that in mind, Miz and Truth are rehired. Ace then announces a few matches for Vengeance: Cena-Del Rio for the WWE Championship, and, to reward them for their efforts to better the WWE, and to punish Punk for his insults and HHH for his beat down of them, Punk and HHH will be forced to tag together against the team of Miz, Truth, Ziggler and Swagger. HHH, realising he’s being played, attacks Miz and Truth again, and then the whole group starts to brawl again, with Laurinaitis looking on, as we go off the air.


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