Who Will Return to RAW On January 2nd, 2012?

A screenshot from the enigmatic vignette

Before I write my RAW View, I thought i’d try YET ANOTHER first for RTV-WOW. Three very interesting things happened last night on RAW, all ostensibly pertaining to a return/returns of major superstars to RAW. First of all, we saw this, which is clearly to do with Kane – but which Kane? It seems to tease what would be a hugely popular return of the masked Kane, but he also seems to burn his trademark old mask.

Also, in what first appeared to be a visual botch, the now familiar ‘Trending Now’ graphic, which obviously attracts visual attention, seemed to be interrupted by a surreptitious message, and indeed, it was, as this helpful post makes clear:


The message directed viewers to this video, which, in elevated, ecclesiastical language, seems to promise a return on ‘the second day of 2012’ – which just so happens to fall on a Monday …

Like the infamous ‘2 21 11’ vignettes last year which signalled the return of The Undertaker, these enigmatic and well made vignettes have cause a swell of debate and wonder amongst wrestling fans wondering who they pertain to. So, why not do a first ever poll for RTV-WOW for a bit of fun? It seems to me the front-runners for the 2 01 12 return are The Undertaker, Kane, The Brothers of Destruction together, and Chris Jericho. I will vote on this, but I wont reveal my pick. I’ll simply explain the theories behind each candidate, and the potential problems with these theories:

The Undertaker: Taker is a ghostly phenom who only ever appears around WrestleMania these days, and with the new year the start of WrestleMania season, he’s always going to be in consideration. The biblical tone of the vignette also seems to relate to the ‘dark side’ of Undertaker. It fits perfectly. However, one problem with this is that the words in the vignette claim that the returning person will return to claim what is ‘rightfully’ theirs. Does that mean the WWE Championship? I can’t imagine what else it could be (though of course it could be a storyline in itself). Now, i’m pretty certain that on the 2nd January, CM Punk will still be WWE Champion, and perhaps the babyface Undertaker wont come back to confront babyface CM Punk. Also, one person who I can’t see holding that title again is Undertaker, simply because I can’t see him being able to defend it regularly enough.

Kane: Kane obviously shares a lot of the semantics of his ‘brother’, so for a lot of the same reasons as him, he is in the picture to return on January 2nd. What makes him really viable though is the earlier vignette that aired. We know Kane is returning, after all. Could the two vignette’s be a two-pronged device to hype the return of a newly-monstrous Kane? Indeed, the fact that this is seperate to the original Kane vignette is also a weakness in the theory – if they’ve already given away that Kane is returning with a compelling vignette, would they really flog the dead horse?

The Brothers of Destruction: What if the videos are related, perhaps they could be separate teasers for the same return – perhaps both Masked Kane and The Undertaker are returning as the Brothers of Destruction. This could actually be compelling way beyond the immediate nostalgic  pop of seeing them come out together. Undertaker is an old, fragile Phenom, and perhaps he would struggle to carry another WrestleMania classic alone. Imagine then, that for the first time, The Streak could be on the line in a tag team match, which brings with it the whole new aspect of The Streak’s integrity being on Kane’s shoulders too. Who else could share the burden but Undertaker’s brother? Perhaps though, people would be unsure about a Streak match which wasn’t a one-on-one match.

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho loves a vignette. When he debuted in the WWF in 1999, it was the culmination of a long ‘Countdown to the Millenium’ series of vignettes, and when he returned in 2007, it was at the end of a series of ‘Second Coming’ vignettes. His third return will quite possibly have accompanying vignettes, and he has been rumoured to return soon. What is more, he and Punk have had a lot of back-and-forth on twitter because Jericho is said to want a match with Punk at WrestleMania. Jericho, a heel, would be a much more fitting candidate to confront Punk with the vitriolic language we have seen in the vignette. The only problem, however, is that talks between Jericho and WWE reportedly hit problems recently.



7 thoughts on “Who Will Return to RAW On January 2nd, 2012?

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  2. I reckon it could be the monstrous Kharma as the promo 1st hit during the Divas of doom promo and again right before a divas match. so maybe we are all wrong and Kharma is returning to claim the title of dominant of the WWE. that’s my theory but i’m hoping for a Taker or Kane return

      • Wouldn’t she have given birth by now? though i hope it’s not Y2J as he’s boring. i mean he returns as face for what a few months then turns heel, can’t the guy stick to one for more than three months.

        You’ve got to agree that everyone is secretly hoping that it’s either Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar; even though i very much doubt it.

      • I have to say, Jericho is my favourite ever, but I understand what you say about his 2008 return. This time, it seems he’ll be starting out heel, so maybe it will be different.

        I certainly don’t hope it’s Brock. In my opinion, he’s the most overrated of all time, and then he turned his back on us wrestling fans.

        As for Kurt, i’d love him to have one more run, but I don’t see it happening.


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