RTV’s State of the WOW Address

Hello loyal readers!

Regular readers may be expecting a Smackdown review at this point. But that in itself is the reason for this post: at the minute, there aren’t enough regular readers for my review posts, especially the Smackdown ones. The readership for those are significantly below the more specialised articles I write.

This, mixed with the fact that the review posts involve a lot more work, means i’m considering if there are any ways I can ‘change it up’ at all. You may have also noticed a change in style for parts of the posts; partly inspired by the style of Brandon Stroud (@MrBrandonStroud) though mixed with my more ‘critical’ style; and partly inspired by less time being available to me/the laws of time and space, which has necessitated shorter posts.

All this in mind, i’ve decided to start, at least for a while, only posting reviews of wrestling shows when they are particularly notable (be it for the right or the wrong reasons). I will, however, keep previewing and reviewing every WWE PPV, because they are obviously more meaningful events, whilst also coming along less frequently. I’ll also continue to write specialist articles – in fact, there will probably be more of those coming – including one i’m planning called ‘Big Bad Boyz’ to coincide with the eventual re-debut of Brodus Clay. And even more! Remember I promised an RTV-Hall of Fame? I will still do that, and now i’m doing fewer weekly reviews, i’ll be able to keep it going!

Meanwhile, I will still live-tweet RAW, and I will also tweet about Smackdown after it airs, which i’ll go and do after publishing this! Given this new approach, following me on twitter is even more important, so do so @RTVWOW where you can expect reaction and other stuff related to the World of Wrestling.

If you all approve of this, then great! If you don’t, I will respond to people power, Zack Ryder style, and reconsider. Just let me know!

Keep on Truckin’


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