Match of the Year 2011: The Final Nominees

It has just turned 2012, and of course, that means a Match of the Year has to be selected for 2011!

Every time a match I deemed to be a candidate (that I saw, of course) occurred, I added it to the RTV-WOW nominations page detailing when the match happened, and including a synopsis of the match from me.

I’ve been thinking about how to announce/determine the winner, and i’ve decided to allow you, all my (hopefully) loyal fans, to vote on the matter as part of the selection process. I wont include the synopses here, so that you will be forced to see if you can remember the matches on merit (though if you want to read the synopses too, then that’s great!).

So now, the poll!

Well, I’m going to watch all the matches back, and by the time I have, i’ll close the voting!

And as a post-script, for you lover of stats out there (like me), here’s the amount of times each wrestler has appeared as a nominee – a pretty good marker for the best performers of the year.

CM Punk: 3

Christian: 3

Alberto Del Rio: 3

Randy Orton: 2

The Miz: 2

Dolph Ziggler: 1

Cody Rhodes: 1

John Cena: 1

The Undertaker: 1


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