2011 Match of the Year: The Results

So finally, after a period of voting, the results are in for the 2011 Match of the Year. There were only really two candidates for the honour: CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, and Undertaker vs Triple H at WrestleMania XXVII. And out of those two matches, there was a clear winner.

CM Punk def. John Cena to Win the WWE Championship (Money in the Bank): 71.43%
The Undertaker def. Triple H to Maintain ‘The Streak’ (WrestleMania XXVII): 28.57%

I agree with this anyway, so without further ado, the top 3 matches of 2011

1) CM Punk def. John Cena to Win the WWE Championship (Money in the Bank)
Pro-wrestling perfection is what sums this match, and the story behind it. With CM Punk holding the WWE status quo hostage, he stepped in to the All State Arena in his hometown of Chicago and became a hero for millions in one of the most heated, intense atmospheres ever seen in wrestling. Wrestling a 30+ minute classic with WWE posterboy, John Cena, Punk came out victorious, to the delight of everyone watching. After frustrating every effort by Mr. McMahon to scupper him, by blowing a kiss and holding the WWE Championship over his head among the crowd, and out of the WWE.

2) The Undertaker def. Triple H to Maintain ‘The Streak’ (WrestleMania XXVII)
The Streak is arguably the most precious accolade in all of pro wrestling, and legend upon legend has tried and failed to break it. HHH had failed ten years earlier, would try the feat again, and this time, he seemed to be an even bigger threat. This was one of the most emotionally draining matches I have ever seen, as after some great back and forth and great spots in themselves, worthy of any MOTY themselves, HHH got the upper hand, mercilessly beating down Undertaker. The Phenom’s body was broken, but his black spirit remained. HHH couldn’t beat him, even after several Pedigrees, chair shots, and finally a Tombstone Piledriver. Finally, resorting to his trademark sledgehammer, he approached Taker, only to get lost in the Hells Gate with the last of the Phenom’s strength for the win. Genuinely beautiful.

3) Randy Orton def. Christian to Retain the World Heavyweight Championship (Over the Limit)
Seen as there was no third runner in the voting, I decided to nominate my choice for third place in the MOTY competition, and I’ve chosen a great match from one of the best series of matches of the year between Randy Orton and Christian. At this point, both guys were still babyfaces, and this led to a great match, shrouded in honour and respect. After a long back and forth match, the end came after a brilliant, quick progression of move and counter, Orton hit the RKO to cement a great win.

So, any thoughts on this. PLEASE SHARE … obviously, and continue to enjoy the blog! In the mean time, follow me on twitter at @RTVWOW, for thoughts on the world and wrestling, as well live-blogging of live events. Thanks y’all!


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