RTV Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame, Class of 2012 – Entrant #6: Danny Hodge

Looking for the next entrant to the RTV Hall of Fame, I decided to look among my list of potential inductees; looking through them all in turn, I realised that Danny Hodge – legendary tough guy and favourite of J.R. will turn 60 this year. That’s enough of a milestone for me when mixed with Hodge’s illustrious career, so Hodge will be the 6th entrant to this year’s Hall of Fame!

Hodge was a brilliant athlete, a real all-rounder, working as a professional wrestler between successful turns as both an amateur wrestler and a professional boxer. But this is a professional wrestling Hall of Fame, so it’s that string of his bow i’ll detail. Hodge was an NWA stalwart and legendary figure, most notably, holding the NWA for a total of over ten years after first winning it from Angelo Savoldi; the man with whom he had his most vicious feud with (including Hodge’s father legitimately stabbing Savoldi in the ring).

Hodge also won the tri-state versions of the United States Tag Team Championships, North American World Championship, and also, impressively, the NWA International Tag Team Championship with Wilbur Snyder at the Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance (then Japan Wrestling Association), the first professional wrestling promotion to be based in Japan – an impressive and pioneering attribute in itself.

Hodge is still considered a legend amongst his peers, but he is also one perhaps in danger of slipping from fans’ consciousness as generations move on, and so it is also partly with that in mind that I induct Danny Hodge in to my Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame.


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