Money in the Bank Preview & Predictions, 2012

Money in the Bank 15/07/2012, from the US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ

Money in the Bank 15/07/2012, from the US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ

WELCOME to my preview and predictions for the Money in the Bank PPV! As i’ve gotten busier my activity on RTV’s WOW has gotten lesser and lesser, but one thing for sure is that I will always provide PPV previews and reviews! Not only that, but there is frequent undates on twitter @RTVWOW as well as live-tweeting RAW and WWE PPV’s, so i’m still providing that pro-wrestling knowledge you all crave!

Even better is this is a Money in the Bank preview – one of the most exciting and most unpredictable PPV’s of the year. Even more, after last year’s event, the vanguard of the Summer of Punk and one of the best PPVs in recent memory, this event has become a ‘destination’ PPV, and I would even argue that the so-called ‘Big Four’ is now a ‘Big Five’ including Money in the Bank.

Match 1) WWE Championship Money in the Bank Match: John Cena vs Kane vs Chris Jericho vs The Big Show
I have to say, this match is the one i’m least interested in so far on the card, and that is despite it featuring my favourite pro wrestler of all time! While Jericho is a ladder match master and innovator, the others, I fear will be cumbersome and blunt with the tool. One saving grace for this match could be the small field. A four-man field provides a unique psychology for a MITB match, but it may be that the field will thicken out to six with some surprise entrants. There are certainly some to choose from: The Miz could show up to restart his career, even if he didn’t win, it could be a good launching pad for a new era for him, and then you have Rey Mysterio, who is cleared to come back and would get a great pop. Both guys are more adaptable to a fun ladder match, so if they are added, it could make the match more interesting. While many would like to see Jericho take the briefcase he invented, I think we’re going to get a Punk-Cena rematch, and so that makes Cena the favourite for me. As simple as that i’m afraid! He’ll cash it in honourably and take on Punk at Summerslam, hopefully giving Punk some ammunition to recapture some of his “Voice of the Voiceless” aura. Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid this spoiling my main event prediction (oh boy, there goes my prediction for main event too)!

Winner: John Cena

Match 2) World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus (c) vs Alberto Del Rio
This one should be a solid match. The build has been poor in that it hasn’t really progressed in any logical way. Last week on Smackdown, Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriquez brutally assaulted and bloodied Sheamus with the bonnet of one of his luxury vehicles, and then on RAW, Sheamus was absolutely fine and there was no talk of the memorable incident. Why should we care about what’s happening between them now? Well one reason is that both are good to very good wrestlers and they’ll probably have a good back and forth match. This is one of the hardest matches to predict, partly because of the hazy build it has received, but at this point, I think Sheamus’s reign is getting tired while ADR has been mired due to injury and other elements. I think the bigger money is in the popular Sheamus chasing ADR, cementing their respective face/heel positions even further as a whole. Sheamus’s reign has been just about good enough so that the loss wont hurt him, especially as he’ll almost certainly lose under controversy.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Match 3) World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Match: Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd vs Christian vs Santino Marella vs Tensai vs Cody Rhodes vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sin Cara
This is almost the opposite of the WWE Championship MITB match in that it is brimming with talent. I’m a huge Sandow fan and think this is a good place to give him a platform to perform. He has a lot to prove in the ring and may do it through sheer sacrifice. He’s a dark horse. Most talk has been about the eminently talented Tyson Kidd; legitimately one of the best wrestlers in the world and finally getting a chance to shine in a match that should suit him to the ground. Not only that, but with news that he is due for a push of sorts in the near future, he too has to be considered a dark horse. I’m not pleased about the two secondary champions being in the match; while both are very talented, and will help the match itself, it undermines the prestige of the championships to be traded in so easily for an opportunity at a world championship. Relatedly, their booking here also costs us US and IC Championship matches on the card, which also damages the prestige of either championship. I think both of their statuses as champions probably negates their chances at the briefcase. Tensai will be a welcome different style to this mainly cruiserweight field and could provide a few shocking moments amongst the high-flying highlights. He wont be winning though; while they still might have some faith in him, it wont be enough to put a title on him yet after his bombing in matches with Cena and Punk. Sin Cara is a nice addition, and is another with lots to prove. If he can’t amaze in a MITB match, the question will be where exactly can he (in WWE)? That question mark remains over his head, meaning he’s not really in the running – a good performance could be a building block though. Finally, we have my two favourites, in terms of talent, and chances to win the match: Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler. These are the two men I have anointed a future top guys, and both are very deserving of the briefcase. I wouldn’t be surprised if either man got it, but right now, the weight of momentum and expectation is firmly behind Ziggler now. While Rhodes could do with some more momentum, there is absolutely NO reason not to pull the trigger on Ziggler now, and with Cena sure to cash in sooner, Ziggler will later, giving him time to grow with the case (ala Miz).

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match 4) WWE Championship Match: CM Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan; Special Guest Referee: AJ
Like last year, CM Punk is in the main event of Money in the Bank, and that’s great. It’s just a shame this isn’t a regular thing! Punk and Bryan have served up some great matches in the past, and this will be no different. Apart, however, from the influence of AJ, the young woman who has quickly become the franchise player of WWE. Now i’ve already spoiled my prediction as to who will win the match, but I should say here that is against a lot of good judgement. That judgement is that Bryan is OVER, and WWE seemingly want the belt on him at some point, as well as the fact that AJ has already helped Punk retain before, and in order for him to do so again, she would have to help him again (presumably), which seems less likely. Nonetheless, I believe we will have a Cena-Punk rematch at Summerslam, as well as Punk being given the opportunity to verbally spar with ‘D-wayne’ now that he’s stated he’s after the title. I don’t know how this will play with AJ in that she’ll have to count for Punk, but i’m sure they’ll find a way, perhaps AJ favouring Bryan and being replaced? That could be disappointing, but it shows the booking dilemma here. Whatever happens, Punk will have to get seperated from AJ as he’ll be moving on to Cena, where AJ doesn’t seem to fit. It’s difficult, but with it being almost certainly the main event, and with it involving someone as fastidious as Punk, I trust that they’ll at least try and do something interesting with it! Punk’s fantastic reign continues!

Winner: CM Punk


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