It’s The End of the World … As You Know it

The World of Wrestling blog, that is, and to quote Chris Jericho …

I was looking at this blog recently and was equally melancholic at how my work on it had slowed and eventually stopped, but also surprised at how (relatively) recent the last post was.

With the blog back at the forefront of my mind, I’ve had some ideas recently for articles about pop culture and sports, which also happen to be my two favourite things to think and write about. This is with thanks in large part to the rebirth of Luke Healey’s The Oyster’s Earrings (, a blog which I have contributed to on numerous occasions, writing about those subject areas, wrestling included.

The problem with the upkeep of the World of Wrestling was the sheer regularity of events and cyclical nature of storylines, which necessitated regular updates; and while I love little more than writing about wrestling, the demanding nature of the undertaking made it feel less like a labour of love, and more like a chore.

However, inspired by new ideas and with a beloved vehicle lying dormant, the unlikely thought of ‘getting the band back together’ started forming. And this is where we are – ‘The Neon Idols’, so named with Paul Simon’s ‘The Sound of Silence’ in mind; a blog where I can write about interests in the world of pop culture and sport, including professional wrestling, whenever I have an idea as well as the time and inclination to do so.

So, after this state of the blog address, there will soon follow an inaugural Neon Idols post on the polarising and much debated topic of the introduction of goal-line technology to football competitions; and, using the unlikely idol of Andy Kaufman as inspiration, why I think it will steal just a bit of the universal sport’s soul.


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