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Over the years when i’ve been writing this blog, I’ve found it a shame that some of the things i’ve written that concern the World of Wrestling generally have been ‘buried’ by what has been subsequently written.These articles are – or should be – about issues in wrestling which transcend the contemporary period (i.e. women’s wrestling, wrestler’s legacies, the importance of announcing etc). Hope you enjoy them!

So, i’ve decided to compile a selection of these articles on a separate page where they’ll be more accessible. (I hope the links work! – I’ve less than mastered them on this site (you can always cut and paste …))

Thank You Shawn! (A Post Not Just About HBK or Wrestlemania …) (04/04/10)
This was my first real post to the blog, which was set up after being so moved by Wrestlemania 26 and especially the HBK-‘Taker match. This discusses, among other things, that match, and the legacies of both HBK and the Undertaker.

Bad Signs for Announcing from J.R’s Website (06/04/10)
It’s no secret now that J.R. will probably never again announce regularly. At the time of this article though, it was still something of a talking point. This article talks some about J.R’s legacy, and the current state of announcing in WWE.

Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Wrestling Fan? (14/04/10)
My look at why it’s important to suspend your disbelief as a fan and cheer the goodies while booing the baddies.

A Few Notes on Viewers Having a Say (02/06/10)
With TNA supposedly giving their audience more say in what they see, and WWE ‘s ‘Viewers Choice’ episode on it’s way, I wrote this piece on why audience participation in booking and creative is a BAD idea.

A Short Note on Divas Matches on Superstars (04/06/10)
After seeing a couple of really good divas matches on Superstars, I wrote this short piece on the merits of pushing women’s wrestling.

Bryan Danielson Post-WWE Speech on PG Wrestling (27/06/10)
Of course, Bryan is back with WWE now, but his speech at this CHIKARA event was very timely and insightful, showing how PG wrestling truly can be the best kind.

An Idea for How to Conclude Seasons of NXT (04/08/10)
While it’s still around, here’s an idea for how to further improve the revolutionary NXT concept.

The Importance of Comic Relief and Wrestle-Logic! (10/08/10)
An article about the much maligned and oft-misunderstood use of Comic Relief in wrestling and the role it plays, while also pointing out a few pits and pieces about the logical steps that go in to televised wrestling.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat Forced to Retire (12/08/10)
In the wake of the sad news that Ricky Steamboat will probably never wrestle again, this article looks at his career and his influence, and features one of his greatest matches ever against “The Macho Man” Randy Savage at Wrestlemania III.

Tiffany and the Imbalance of the Brands Regarding Divas in WWE (16/08/10)
This came in the week of Tiffany’s hotel room incident and subsequent suspension. It looks at the comparitively small diva-pool and Smackdown and a little at the female wrestlers in WWE in general. It should be noted that the situation has changed a little since the Women’s Championships were unified.

Notes on the Brand Extension and Title Unification in the WWE (13/10/10)
My thoughts on recent discussions of and calls for the end of the WWE Brand Extension and the unification of every level of championship in WWE; why the brand extension should continue, but title unification should go ahead.

Some Notes on Bragging Rights and WWE’s PPV Schedule (14/10/10)
Suggestions about how WWE could slightly reform both the Bragging Rights PPV specifically, and their loaded PPV schedule generally to improve them for the WWE audience, as well as WWE as a business.

RTV-WOW Stands Up for WWE, and Wrestling in General (21/10/2010)
At a time when the WWE and the wrestling industry is coming under a lot of unjust criticism (though there is just criticisim to be made), RTV ‘stands up’ in support of the indusrty and it’s main player.

RTV’s Preview of 2011! (03/01/2011)
Following a year where many young talents started to break out to the big time, RTV previews the 2011 to come, talking about Nexus, the divas, and who might break out in 2011.

Why a Strong Champion Isn’t Always ‘Must See’ (25/01/2011)
The Miz’s first WWE Championship reign has been highly criticised by much of the wrestling community, who feel a relatively weak champion is unacceptable. This article suggests that, especially with up-and-coming heels like The Miz, seemingly weak booking can in fact be more ‘must see’ than a homogenous stream of strength.

Rob Drummond: Wrestling, Not As Theatre, But As An Art of It’s Own (14/02/2011)
A bit of a change of pace for RTV-WOW. After going to see Rob Drummond’s wrestling-based play (in the medium of wrestling itself), I decided to write this article in praise of the show, it’s respect shown to the industry and excellently apt investigation of the nature of wrestling and drama, as well as the quality wrestling Drummond and others from the Scottish Wrestling Association managed to provide. A must read for fans who love the arts generally, as well as wrestling specifically!

Thank You Edge! (15/04/2011)
The whole wrestling world was thrown in to shock following the completely unexpected announcement of Edge’s retirement. This was my two cents.

Why I Donated to #10forRAINN (30/04/2011)
An article about the excellent RAINN charity, and Mick Foley’s part in bringing attention to the important issue of sexual violence.

RIP Randy Savage (21/05/2011)
In the wake of the tragic passing of wrestling legend Randy Savage, I decided to write a bot of a tribute for the Macho Man, featuring some touching sentiments from fellow wrestlers and contemporaries.

‘It’s Clobberin’ Time!’: How the Summer of Punk Has Enraptured Wrestling Fans of All Climbs (21/07/2011)
At the end of June, 2011, CM Punk became the hottest thing in wrestling, who realised a more genuine connection with the fans than perhaps anyone before him, and who’s work set a depth charge in the World of Wrestling. This article takes a cross-section of opinion to try to gauge and share what it is about the angle that fans found so refreshing and entertaining.

CM Punk, Change, and the Fresh-Faced WWE Champions of 2012 (27/12/2011)
An effective follow-up to the previous featured article, detailing how the crop of WWE Champions following Survivor Series were a sign, finally, of the change promised by Punk around Money in the Bank, and how his change was finally starting to manifest, and will hopefully continue to be pursued as the contemporary roster of champions consisted of all young, fresh talent.

Picking WrestleMania Sides: What Does It Mean To Follow Team Bring It or The Cenation (26/02/2012)
In the build up to arguably the biggest, most significant match in WWE and WrestleMania history, this article looked at how the show-down between the two icons, The Rock and John Cena was playing out, both in the way they are marketed, and in the ways they have interacted. Ultimately, the article claims that Cena has finally made the jump to be on Rock’s level, both as a character, and with the fans, even going so far as to back Cena in the fight.

Professional Wrestling May Not Be a ‘Real’ Sport, But It’s Infinitely More Legitimate Than MMA (23/04/2012)
The night after WrestleMania XXVIII, Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE to ‘bring back legitimacy’ to the business. The only problem was that, within the normal understanding of wrestling, the WWE wasn’t lacking in legitimacy. This post deals with my problems with MMA as a sport, and how harmful it was for Lesnar to overuse it as a theme in professional wrestling.


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